EE Auto Group

Ontario Premier Auto Detailing Shop

Wall of our Customers Vehicles, We own 50% of Asian owned Fancy vehicle client base in Metro Toronto Area. 
with an average vehicle price of 80K CDN. 

October  2013, We Became An Authorized Huper Optik Film Installer.Years of experience and only a few skilled installers are able to work with Huper Optik

"Huper Optik, the best film money can buy"


We are different from other shop. We don't borrow some fancy car to make  some "fake Busy Detailing Shop Image"
None of these car list in the picture are borrowed from friend for this photo shot. Just Another day at work.

Free Auto Detailing Service for Canadian Seniors with 70 years old and older at out Thornhill Location

If you are a Senior Canadian Citizen, 70 years or older, we offer 100% free auto detailing package for your own car. 

  • You must at least 70 years or older. A Canadian Citizen, not a landed immigrant.
  • must be your own daily vehicle, not your childeren's vehicle. Please, no cheat cheat.
  • Serice will take about 7 hours, you can drop your vehicle around 11:30 am, and pick up around 7 pm. We open from 11:30 to 8pm everyday.
  • only offerd at our Bayview  / Green Lane Location
  • we offer 1 car per day and 5 free detailing service per week. 
  • Call us to book an appointment @ 905-882-1112
  • We will perform everything needed for your vehicle.  
  • which might include: Inside and outside clean, Shampoo Carpet, Shampoo Seats, Leather Clean, or and Wax.
  • You pay nothing, ZERO dollars.  "$ 0.00"  No Small Print. period. 
  • If you like our service, next time your children need a detailing job, tell your children to come to us~

Auto Detailing

Starting at: $25

Window Tinting

Starting at: $100


Starting at: $70